274: A Conversation with Robyn Seamon

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On this week’s episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking to a nurse trying to make a difference in the Appalachian region. Robyn Seamon has earned advanced degrees, studied, and conducted research to help prepare her to serve Appalachian residents. “The Appalachian region has the highest number of every chronic disease we look at.” ~Robyn Seamon Robyn is a … Read More

273: A Conversation with Jessica Fisher

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On this week’s episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking about the importance of community engagement. Jessica Fisher, CEO of Tri Valley Health System, shares what she and her leadership team have accomplished through community engagement, collaboration and the implementation of a few different change initiatives. “The community is really what drives the additional services we need to offer.” … Read More

272: A Conversation with Trent Bourland

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This week’s episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio is a special episode to honor all our country’s veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day. Most VA hospitals are in metropolitan areas, making it difficult for veterans living in rural America to receive care there. With around half of our veterans living in rural America, that is just one of the challenges … Read More

271: A Conversation with Josh Conlee

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If you’re not changing, not trying to look into the future, you’re not moving forward. When Josh Conlee became the CEO of Lawrence Memorial Hospital, he and his team looked at a variety of things: how they were doing, where the market was going, what they did well, and what they didn’t do very well. I hope you’ll listen in … Read More

270: A Conversation with Tyler Melton

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The Rural Health Program is currently being launched in Tennessee, and it has a couple of different components. The first component is focused on the community by looking at ways to promote pharmacy practice in rural areas. The second component is focused on pharmacy students; exposing them to rural healthcare and engaging them in the delivery of quality healthcare in … Read More

269: A Conversation with Dr. Matt Buckman

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Childhood trauma has an impact that lasts a lifetime. Trauma-focused treatment and trauma-informed care is critical, but oftentimes lacking in rural America. Southern Illinois is fortunate to be the home of the Stress and Trauma Treatment Center, where Dr. Matt Buckman and his team provide these services in multiple communities. “This is the most important work that any of us … Read More

268: A Conversation with Lisa Beasley

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We may not like to talk about it, but sexual assaults happen in rural America, and something needs to be done. In Tennessee, they are doing something! By way of a grant, an initiative is underway to provide funding for education, training, certification, and retention of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). SANE programs are designed to train nurses to address … Read More

267: A Conversation with Brittni Oehmke

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A little over 5 years ago, Hanover Hospital was on the brink of closing its doors. Turning things around was going to be a difficult and challenging journey but knowing how much the hospital meant to the community, a dedicated team of rural health workers turned things around. “We were hanging on by a thread, just trying to figure out … Read More

266: A Conversation with Dr. Whitney Zahnd

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Access to care in rural America is a recurring theme, particularly when it comes to cancer care. Transportation is one of the top challenges rural cancer patients must overcome to receive the treatment they need. But there are people trying to do something about that. One of those persons is Dr. Whitney Zahnd, and that’s one of the things we’re … Read More

265: A Conversation with Jo Anne Preston

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Would you like to become a more effective leader if it only took you 5 minutes a day? If that sounds like a winning idea to you, you need to listen to our conversation with Jo Anne Preston, author of Lead the Way in 5 Minutes a Day: Sparking High Performance in Yourself and Your Team. “Healthcare workers have really … Read More