172: A Conversation About National Rural Health Day

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Happy National Rural Health Day!

This week on Rural Health Leadership Radio, we have a special episode in celebration of National Rural Health Day.  

“National Rural Health Day began as a way to positively recognize and celebrate the individuals and teams who give their very best selves in the name of rural health.”

~Karen Madden

We’ll hear from several rural health leaders including Karen Madden, the inventor of National Rural Health Day and Director of the Charles D. Cook Office of Rural Health within the New York State Department of Health, Shannon Calhoun, a rural health leadership expert, Kathy Whitmire, CEO of Transformation Health Partners, Hunter Nostrant, CEO of Helen Newberry Joy Hospital in Michigan, and Rena Salamacha, CEO of Mee Memorial Hospital in California.

“Giving people that team concept, having strength and understanding of their teammates really gives a super-solid foundation for success.”

~Shannon Calhoun

We’re also talking about rural health leadership innovations. Rural health is known for innovation, and our conversation today is on the top 5 rural health leadership innovations. Those innovations include:

Check out these rural health leadership innovations and let us know what you think!

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