173: A Conversation with Maggie Sauer

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This week on Rural Health Leadership Radio we’re talking about the work done through rural health organizations. We’re having that conversation with Maggie Sauer, Director of the State of North Carolina’s Office of Rural Health.

“People are committed to their community, they’re committed to the people in their community, and people volunteer across the community.”

~Maggie Sauer

The Office of Rural Health seeks to assist underserved communities through improved access, quality, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. Maggie’s office administers over 300 contracts designed to improve these facets of healthcare for rural and underserved populations, returning over 86% of its budget directly back to North Carolina communities. Maggie also works to provide in-depth technical assistance to North Carolina’s Safety Net system.

“People in rural are amazing and should be held up as leaders in our country.”

~Maggie Sauer

Maggie is a Colorado native but has called North Carolina her home for 28 years. She grew up on the rural eastern plains of Colorado and credits her childhood experiences for her passion to serve and work in rural environments. She joined the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Rural Health as director in June 2017. She continued to serve as the President and CEO of the Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation in North Carolina for over five years. Maggie’s Office of Rural Health will celebrate its 45th anniversary of serving the underserved this year!

2 Comments on “173: A Conversation with Maggie Sauer”

  1. Maggie Sauer is an outstanding leader of the NC Office of Rural Health and has a passion for providing the best health care services for all persons in rural communities. Good interview.

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