175: A Conversation with Tee Faircloth

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This week on Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking about turning around distressed industries. We’re having that conversation with Tee Faircloth, the Founder and CEO of Coordinated Care Inc.

“Right now we’ve got a chance to really make a huge impact and really start to see this rural renaissance…”

~Tee Faircloth

Tee is originally from a small town in Georgia, and after college started a career in New York in finance, where he developed an expertise in industries that needed change and turnaround. After working in New York he decided to start his first company, a safari outfitter, where he would eventually create a line of clothing using nanotechnology to allow for extended time in extreme African heat.

“It’s about figuring out within your healthcare system, where you can add value.”

~Tee Faircloth

Tee’s experiences established his desire to spend his career turning around industries by figuring out where there is need and opportunity waiting to be realized. He has a 20-year record rebooting insolvent companies and distressed industries in the most effective way possible. As CEO of Coordinated Care Inc., he is at the forefront of revitalizing rural healthcare to make a difference for the 70 million Americans who depend on rural hospitals. If you would like to contact Tee, see his information below!

Email: tee.faircloth@coordinatedcareinc.com
Website: https://www.coordinatedcareinc.com/

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