176: A Conversation with Alicia Ekstrom

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This week on Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking about recruiting in rural areas. We’re having that conversation with Alicia Ekstrom, Recruiting Specialist at The Chautauqua Center.

“When it comes down to it, that’s what really sells individuals is that – the meaning behind it and the emotion and passion that I do have for the Chautauqua Center.”

~Alicia Ekstrom

Alicia received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Management with a minor in Spanish in 2012 and has worked in various healthcare settings including insurance companies, group homes, and local hospitals. She has a passion for fitness and wellness, and teaches a fitness class called POUND. POUND is not only a physical workout, but also provides emotional and mental relief for all ages and capabilities.

“Leadership is more so someone guiding a group of people and providing that support and direction…”

~Alicia Ekstrom

Alicia was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and recently moved to the rural area known as Chautauqua County. She has always had a passion for helping others, and thrives on the constantly evolving nature of healthcare. Alicia enjoys the challenges and opportunities of recruiting and working in a rural area, and hopes to help fill the gaps present in the rural healthcare setting.

4 Comments on “176: A Conversation with Alicia Ekstrom”

  1. I have been at events with Alicia and The Chautauqua Center, and I can attest to her dedication when assisting others in Chautauqua County ! Her continued support and eagerness to reach out to communities has encouraged those around her, and in the community, to aspire to be better – to work a bit harder – to strive for more. Continue on, Alicia ! Thank you for all of your devotion and kindness to the people you assist !

  2. Alicia is an extremely dedicated and caring employee who is a true asset to The Chautauqua Center. Great interview!! Very informative.

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