193: A Conversation with Alicia Calloway

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This week on Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking about recruiting providers and other professional staff to rural America. We are having that conversation with Alicia Calloway, Chief Operating Officer at OPYS Physician Services.

“It can be tough to know who you can trust in any industry, but knowing who you can trust in rural healthcare is vital”

~Alicia Calloway

Alicia Calloway was born and raised in Tennessee. She started in healthcare shortly after high school and began to develop a passion for rural healthcare in underserved communities. She began working with a staffing and management group that specialized in providing service to rural areas and worked her way up into a leadership position. Now working for a different group with the same focus, her passion to help rural hospitals succeed under what are seen as insurmountable odds has only grown.

“There is a true need for rural hospitals to find a way through the difficult times at hand. To be able to continue to offer the healthcare that the people in these communities so desperately need. I want to be part of that solution.”

~Alicia Calloway

Alicia can be reached at: acalloway@opys.com

You can learn more about OPYS Physician Services by visiting opys.com.

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