267: A Conversation with Brittni Oehmke

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A little over 5 years ago, Hanover Hospital was on the brink of closing its doors. Turning things around was going to be a difficult and challenging journey but knowing how much the hospital meant to the community, a dedicated team of rural health workers turned things around.

“We were hanging on by a thread, just trying to figure out how to make payroll and keep the doors open.”

~Brittni Oehmke, CEO

Brittni is the Administrator at Hanover Hospital, located in Hanover, KS, where she has been for 5 years. She is also a Medical Laboratory Scientist and the current Lab Manager. Brittni has three beautiful children: Kaylee, Dalton and Cole. Her family loves animals, being outdoors and playing sports. Brittni also coaches high school girls’ basketball and is a Kentucky basketball fanatic.

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  1. Brittni, has organized and built an amazing team of individuals in a relatively short period of time to keep our hospital from the brink of closure. I for one am extremely thankful to have her leadership and team here in Hanover

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