274: A Conversation with Robyn Seamon

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On this week’s episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, we’re talking to a nurse trying to make a difference in the Appalachian region. Robyn Seamon has earned advanced degrees, studied, and conducted research to help prepare her to serve Appalachian residents.

“The Appalachian region has the highest number of every chronic disease we look at.”

~Robyn Seamon

Robyn is a Certified Transcultural Nurse who is passionate about seeing the health of people radically transformed in the Appalachian Region. Facilitating improvement in the high rates of health disparities in the Appalachian Region is her heartfelt desire. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, she has had many diverse experiences, including hospital nursing, home health and hospice, a startup clinic at a homeless shelter, and various volunteer experiences.

Robyn holds a Master of Arts degree in Appalachian Studies. She is the owner of Appalachian Healthcare Training & Consulting and regularly provides Appalachian-focused professional development workshops and consultation services.

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