Episode 275: A Conversation with Erica Johnson-Lockett

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After working in various parts of the country, Erica Johnson-Lockett fulfilled her promise to the elders of her community and returned home. That “homegrown kid” is now the Chief Nursing Officer of Bolivar General Hospital in Bolivar, TN.

“I asked the team what they saw as some of the biggest challenges versus asking the leaders of the facility.”

~Erica Johnson-Lockett

Erica Johnson-Lockett began her nursing career in 2007 on a telemetry ward. Later, she transitioned to the ICU. During her career, she has been a Corrections Infirmary Nurse, Adjunct Clinical Nursing Instructor, Home Health Clinical Supervisor, Patient Safety-Risk Management Specialist, Patient Safety Manager & Acting Risk Manager. Currently, she is the CNO for the hospital in her home county.

Erica enjoys community service activities, mentoring adults and high school seniors. Lifelong learning is a passion and she has the ability to teach herself essential functions of career roles. Erica always shares what she has learned with others in addition to learning from them.

Collaboration, communication, listening, and flexibility are the key skills that make Erica an influential, innovative, and dynamic leader. She will never forget where she originated from or the struggles she has faced.

4 Comments on “Episode 275: A Conversation with Erica Johnson-Lockett”

  1. Good evening,
    Mrs. Johnson-Lockett it is an honor to have you as a member of the Memphis River Bluff BNA. Your knowledge and skills are an asset to our organization. Thank you for all you do to help people in the community.

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