392: A Conversation with Elise Bur

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On this episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, we welcome Elise Bur, Director of the Northern Michigan University Center for Rural Health. In our conversation, Elise discusses several key initiatives of the Center for Rural Health, including the feasibility of a dental hygienist program to address local needs, an oral health literacy program, and community health worker training to expand essential services. Elise also discusses an innovative Community Paramedicine education program aimed at delivering more comprehensive care to patients in their homes.

“If we can home grow our own, you are more likely to retain them in our rural community”

-Elise Bur

Elise joined Northern Michigan University in July 2020 as the inaugural director of the NMU Center for Rural Health. She has more than thirty years of combined experience working in higher education and the healthcare industry. Elise is extremely dedicated to identifying, understanding, and addressing regional health care needs through collaborative efforts. The foundation of her professional success can be attributed to building relationships and partnering with agencies and businesses on initiatives that improve the health and well-being of individuals. Additionally, she is extremely passionate about giving regional residents a voice by sharing challenges and success with local, state, and federal legislators which continues to result in new and ongoing support for regional, state, and national health-related matters.

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