396: A Conversation with Anna Anna

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On Rural Health Leadership Radio, we are always discussing innovation in rural healthcare, and this week our conversation is through the lens of the new Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) model. We are delighted to welcome Anna Anna who serves as the Program Director at the Rural Health Redesign Center (RHRCO) and works to promote access to quality healthcare in rural communities.  In our conversation, Anna discusses the REH model and shares her insights on how hospitals can make a successful conversion, and what it means to their communities. Learn more about how organizations like RHRC can help rural hospitals on their website here!

“Although the Rural Emergency Hospital’s Designation is new, it’s already saved hospitals from closure”

-Anna Anna 

Anna Anna is a transformational leader and Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience in rural healthcare. Anna’s position at the Rural Health Redesign Center includes the role of Program Director for the Rural Emergency Hospital Technical Assistance Center. In her role, Anna works directly with hospitals throughout the country exploring the Rural Emergency Hospital as a possible pathway to maintain healthcare in their communities. Before this role, Anna held positions in hospital leadership for over 20 years, including Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Anna has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and is a Board Certified Nurse Executive

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