397: A Conversation with Brian Haapala

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Capital funding plays a crucial role in the success of rural hospitals. This week, we feature Brian Haapala, CEO of Stroudwater Capital Partners, who is at the forefront of assisting rural healthcare organizations in overcoming the hurdles of securing capital funding. Brian emphasizes the pivotal role of healthcare in small communities and shares his dedication to empowering these communities to drive healthcare improvements from within.

Our discussion with Brian sheds light on the significance of updating rural healthcare infrastructure. He provides insights into effective strategies for obtaining funding and implementing capital improvement projects in rural environments, underscoring the transformative impact these investments can have on community health support and rural economic vitality.

“Rural Healthcare is the cornerstone of rural economies”

-Brian Haapala

Brian is the CEO of Stroudwater Capital Partners helping improve access to capital for rural health care providers nationally. He is passionate about creating solutions to improve rural healthcare through capital investment, and he guides leaders through the process of securing capital through the rural challenges of limited resources. Brian has over 25 years of experience as an advisor and investment banker to rural health systems and has planned and/or financed over $1.5 billion in rural capital investments over this time. He holds a master’s degree in health services administration from the University of Michigan.

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