398: A Conversation with Aidan Hettler

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In this episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, Aidan Hettler, CEO of Sedgwick County Health Center, shares his unique journey from a recent college graduate with a background in supply chain management to becoming the CEO of a rural hospital at the age of 22. We discuss the importance of servant leadership and the impact young people can have in rural healthcare even without significant experience. Aidan shares the highlights of his role as CEO including the growth of services and his role in the community.

Rural America is a really good place to work if you are young and aspiring to make a really big impact.” 

– Aidan Hettler

Aidan Hettler is a Pittsburgh native, who moved to Colorado for his college education. Aidan is now the CEO of Sedgwick County Health Center (SCHC), a critical access hospital system serving a rural community on the Colorado Eastern Plains and extending into neighboring Nebraska. As the largest employer in Sedgwick County, SCHC not only offers crucial medical services through its clinics, long-term care facilities, and a critical-access hospital but also sustains the economic vitality of the region. Aidan’s vision extends beyond his immediate responsibilities, aspiring to collaborate with like-minded professionals and organizations to innovate and champion a rural healthcare landscape where quality care is a universal right, not a privilege limited by geography.

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  1. Great interview! Thank you for featuring our health system, we are so very fortunate to have a leader like Aidan at the helm. His drive for excellence and growth paired with his dedication to servant leadership is a true asset to our community.

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