399: A Conversation with Alana Monson

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In this episode of Rural Health Leadership Radio, hosted by Dr. Bill Auxier and Sydney Grant, we welcome another young rural health leader, Alana Monson Administrative Fellow at Trinity Health in Des Moines, Iowa. Just months after graduating with a Master’s in Health Administration, Alana found herself in the role of interim CEO at Manning Regional Healthcare Center, a critical access hospital close to her hometown in Iowa.

In our conversation, she discusses how she rapidly transitioned her leadership skills, adapting to the role thanks to a lot of trust from her team. Her story is a testament to the potential for young leaders to make significant contributions to healthcare in rural settings.

“If you were ever facing a challenge or responsibility that might seem daunting to you, just do it because your future will thank you for the growth”

-Alana Monson

Alana Monson is an administrative fellow with Trinity Health – MercyOne in Des Moines, Iowa and recently served as Interim Chief Executive Officer for Manning Regional Healthcare Center in Manning, Iowa. Alana grew up in rural Western Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa with her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 2020 and Master of Health Administration in 2023.

While pursuing her graduate degree, she worked with classmates to form the Student Association for Rural Health. In addition to her experience as CEO at a critical access hospital, Alana also has experience working for a Medicare administrative contractor, an academic medical center, a health system, and serving on the Iowa Rural Health Association board.

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  1. Very informative podcast. This podcast has increased my interest in rural healthcare. I too will be graduating with my MBA in Healthcare Management in 2 weeks! My experience is very similar to Alana. I graduated from Medical school thinking I was going to be a paediatrician. However, I quickly realised I wasnt emotionally built for practicing medicine. However, I still wanted to be involved in Healthcare in some form. So I decided to get my MBA in Healthcare Management after Medical school( Best decision I ever made).

    I have currently applied to the Administrative fellowship program at Trinity Health. I am excited about what the future holds!

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